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Online Lessons

  • (Coming Soon)


         The lessons you will get here, will consist of hundreds of FOREVER being added, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and super advanced pole moves, spins & holds, plus stretches, with and without your pole, to warm up with, combinations of moves put together, variations of moves, and spin sequences, some very unique moves, not seen elsewhere, secret cheats for certain moves, you may struggle with, & thorough explaination, with tutorials ranging from 2:30 for variations of certain maneuvers, up to 12 full minutes, for something as tricky as the shoulder mount, & handsprings, to be certain, it’s thoroughly mapped out and explained to absolute perfection, and shown repeatedly from many angles. The average if rounded off for all moves beginner-advanced, would be approximately, 4-6 minutes per tutorial (Most more then 3).
         I use slow motion in my tutorials, to show you things, as perfectly as possible, for proper hand and leg positioning. I’ll do a move on different sides of the pole, even the front or back of the pole in some cases, to show you proper position, and hand placement, when necessary. I break things down, in the easiest & most understandable way, in the same way i would want it to be taught to myself, which is not to be found on any other online website. This is like having a pole dancing instructor right in your livingroom, at a mere fraction of the cost! The prices are unbeatable, and you get soo much! PLUS, I will continue to add new videos. If i learn or think up something new, I will share it with everyone!  IF you ever get stumped or have any questions about a move or anything, you have acsess to my personal email, where you can ask me questions, whenever needed, and will get the best possible response, from me, PERSONALLY!  Good customer service is always a necessity, and you deserve nothing less then the best.
          I will offer some free tutorials for people to look at, and learn from. Those will be added, once in awhile, and will consist of moves from any level. There is no obligation to purchase an online membership at Ipole.tv, You can chat on our message board, view the always building, photo gallery, shop, and read my crazy pole dancing blog, enjoying the freebies!  If you do purchase lessons, and decide to get full access to all of my tutorials, you will NOT be disappointed!